Friday, August 6, 2010

Lazy Link Day

First, the cake. So very cool. If you haven't seen the commercials, you should. They are EXCELLENT. And I don't usually have much interest in commercials.

Then, a writer page. Duotrope. I might have seen it before. I might have mentioned it before. But I just noticed that you can sign up for an account and use it as a submission tracker -- for short stories, not like the agent search for which you'd use QueryTracker, AgentAdvance, or FirstWriter. Since I've been trying to use short stories to practice structure and plot (those are my current weak points -- big things to be weak on, aren't they? Sigh.) this is quite useful for me right now! For the rest of you... I don't know. Maybe?

Oh, another great tracking site, but for yarn-arts (knit or crochet) is Ravelry. You can track yarns you have, patterns you have, projects you're working on... Excellent for us poorly organized people who really wish we were organized. And Goodreads does that for books. And Facebook does that for friends. And GoogleReader does for blogs.

Does anyone know any other tracking sites with other nifty purposes. Like maybe a site like Ravelry, but for sewing. Something that lets you catalog your fabrics and patterns? Oh, how I want one of those. I like tracking sites and pretending to be organized. Soon I will also need a site to organize my organization sites. Which sites do you use? Which things do you desperately want to organize but don't have a site for?

And lastly, because I can't end the week without mentioning it, the new music video by the 'The Guild' crew. It's called 'Game On'. It's hilarious.

Go watch. I'm done here. Have a great weekend!

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  1. You're done a little early, aren't you? ^_^ Just found your short story in my inbox! What a wonderful Friday surprise. ^_^ I promise to read it this weekend and get back to you probably Monday if not sooner. Have a good one.