Monday, July 5, 2010

Media Monday: Leverage Edition

You might wonder why I'll talk television while I try to avoid discussing books. Well, I don't have any plans to write television. (Forever into the future, if I ever get an offer, if I ever get writing, this section might disappear. It's just not right to point out flaws in others on your contemporaries -- and I hope to be contemporary with writers someday, not so much with television or movie people.)

But last week I slammed Sanctuary with my frustration of not being able to make it through an episode without twitching -- and yet, I watch and truly enjoy Leverage.


Last week, on Leverage they couldn't connect their wifi into a network because of shielded cables. (Both my family members let it slide without paying attention until I repeated it in confusion -- where we all twitched together.) Then they used a drill to ... well, I think they drilled a hole in the shielded cable. I'm not sure.  I got distracted for a minute.

Still... For those who don't know (and perhaps I'm one, since it's been a few years since I was in that class and I've never worked in the field to set the knowledge)....

But ....

From my knowledge....

You know how you can hear a hummm when you go near high-power electric lines? Let's just say that all cables have something like that. Anything that travels through the cables pushes out signal that usually expands beyond the direct line. When you put a bunch of wires together, all that feedback can mess with the signal in other wires -- oh, sort of like having a child continuously trying to talk to you while you're trying to write. The shielded part of the cable is a woven case that wraps the wire and keeps more of the signal in and further disrupts the leaking bits so it has less chance of messing up other signals.

Wifi has to do with a separate device called a router that sends out a signal through the air and, as far as I know, has nothing to do with shielded cable -- except that you could use shielded cable with the router.

You'd think that would annoy me at least as much as my string of issues from Sanctuary last week, but other than a quick twitch at the noticeable issues, I truly enjoy Leverage. Even though the characters have the single-dimension titles attached to them in the intro (theif, grifter, fighter...).

Still, I look forward to this show each week.

But I don't know why.

And I need to figure it out. If I could figure it out, I could use it. I could put it into my stories and it wouldn't matter if my research wasn't right on. People wouldn't fling my books against the wall in frustration, they'd keep going anyway.

Any thoughts?

Any books, movies, shows, etc that you watch and love despite massive inaccuracies?

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