Thursday, July 1, 2010

About You

Today, I want to do something different even though my low number of comments suggest that it might not go over well.

I know several of the people who follow this blog are personal friends who followed because they wanted to keep up with me. Then there are others who followed because I said something interesting once that caught your attention. Most of you, I believe, are also writers.

Today, I'm wondering where you are in that great confusing morass we might call a writing career. Have you been published? Have you finished something and sent it out? Were you able to follow the common writing advice and start on the next project immediately or did you wait until you'd gotten a few rejections?

How many of you have been here? (I know I have.)


  1. Started chapter 1 of a story and also copious notes on background and where I see the story going but haven't gotten happy with how the intro is so keep editing it. Mind you, this is all in the spare 40 - 60 minutes a week that I can find occasionally. I still do not think of myself as a writer and see it as more semi-therapeutic than anything else. I'm not counting RPG adventures for the kids or scripting true-dungeon-ish birthday parties.

  2. Very cool! --All the advice I've read says keep going. Once you get to the end you'll probably edit and change the beginning a little more anyway, but if you don't force yourself to move past it you'll spend forever editing those first few pages and never get to an end.

    I've been going external lately, where I'm reading books and joining online writing groups and everything but actually writing. I need to remind myself nothing else matters if I don't turn that around and put words on paper (computer) again.

  3. I think I found you when you commented on someone's site. I often open all commenter links on blogs I like to find other blogs I like. I've written twelve short stories, one that's been published in Crossed Genres. I've written and revised four novels and have written a fifth that never got revised (actually my first...) and I helped found a writing group four years ago that's still going strong. I persevere. ^_^

    I really like your blog, Marilou, and I hope you keep at it.

  4. Thank you.

    I went searching for your story on Crossed Genres -- I don't read the shorts as often as I should if I want to publish them. It was quite good.

    You're way ahead of me, here. Only one finished novel. Two shorts, both at Crossed Genres, and nothing query-ready right now. And no writing group. Much jealousy.

    Don't worry, I don't dwell on it. I need to get better at the finishing part of things so I can catch up -- I say even while using the net to avoid writing. (I'll just check email before I start. Oh, and my rss feeds. Oh, and facebook. Now I need a new drink. Did I get an email while I was gone? What about rss feeds? Facebook updates. Wait, need to pee..... and that's all only when the children don't need help. They can distract me for hours.)

    Good luck on your current round of submissions!