Monday, June 28, 2010


I have done nothing useful today. Husband occasionally implies that he thinks my days are spent sitting in the recliner -- and today he would be correct. OK, I made lunch for the children, and stopped them from fighting several times and took Little Boy to the potty a few times, and made snacks, and breakfast, and drinks -- the necessary things, but otherwise I've been sitting.

Oh, and I caught up on the Flash Fiction course I signed up for that started last week on Savvy Authors. I had fallen a few days behind. The your-class-has-been-updated emails seem to have gotten lost. And I edited the flash fiction piece that was required in that class.

But nothing other than that -- excuse me a minute, I have to go cheer for Little Boy, I think he's just gone to the potty on his own. He did! It's so nice when that happens. I love thinking that someday there will be an end to the potty training/diaper/me touching poo process -- and since we will not have any more children, this end will truly be the end. Oh, dreaming of the day.

But in the words per day goal that I've created, I have made absolutely no progress. I am being jealous of the writers whose blogs I follow who have finished not one but several novels and my many beginnings get me nothing here. Must push past the 8000-10,000 word wall. Must keep going.

If only my brain was a little more functional today.

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