Friday, June 25, 2010

Back to the Old

I know, I'm supposed to be working on new stuff, not back on the first novel, but I know people struggling to summarize -- and it's hard. Hard, hard, hard. First, writing 90,000 words, that all fit together to tell a story, making up a world with details that are needed to make things work, then fitting that giant story into a sentence or two. Okay, I used more here.

But I thought of a summary for that first one -- or at least that first one once I get it rewritten. To be called Seeing Zombies -- or maybe Zombie Girl. Something with Zombie in the title. Or Dead. Or Undead.

From a family of power, Ricia's only ability was attracting zombies, something that would terrify any sane person knowing one day they would catch her. And they did. They took a chunk out of her shoulder and invaded her mind. She became theirs -- and they became hers. 

What does a nice girl do with an army of undead? 

What if her family is ends up on the wrong side of the law?

Let's see. The others I'm working on are Forever and Ever and Magic Moon.

Forever and Ever is ....

Sleeping Beauty has slept in the CIMM (Chicago International Museum of Magic) since it's inception, not long after WWII and is rumored to have been around centuries before that, but now magic is dying out. The museum artifacts are becoming mundane one item at a time. If magic disappears completely will she wake up or will she fade away. 

Odin James Thomas has loved the CIMM since he moved to Chicago with his mother as a child. He volunteered there as a teen, he interned there in college and his degree was earned to get him a job there when he finished. He's been taking care of Sleeping Beauty as long as he could remember and now that magic is fading, he's terrified he's going to lose her. When his research brings him a possible solution, he has to try it. No matter what it takes.

But waking up isn't the end. She has to figure out how to live in the modern world, he has to fight his way free of the legal ramifications of his actions as well as his own guilt. Can they find love after such an unusual beginning?

I think you may be able to tell that I only have the beginning of this one. I mean, I have some ideas what will happen once she wakes up, and I know they need to be in love by the end, but I'm not so sure of the middle for this one.

And Magic Moon....

Jack needs some magic done, so he calls the only one of the Gifted he knows, an ex-employee of his who excels in making enemies wherever she goes. If only he'd known how exactly how true that was, he would have kept to himself rather than ending up in the past, in danger of being absorbed into the time stream and his only hope of getting home the same person who got him into the mess in the first place.

Miranda's crush on Jack had lasted unrequited for almost a decade before she'd quit working for him to put it behind her. If only it had worked she wouldn't have jumped the first time he called to ask for a favor, she wouldn't be in mortal danger, and she'd have no idea someone was trying to kill her.

Together they'd have to rescue themselves, figure out who and why, and perhaps find some evidence to get the bad guy arrested and out of their hair. Would they have enough time to fall in love too?

Alright. Not the best.

Maybe they'll get better once I've finished these stories?

One can only hope.