Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh the Infirmities

No Gym today (which plays in my head to the rhythm of the old Herman Hermit's song "No Milk Today") because apparently three days of treadmill in a row are too much for my knee. Yes, only one. The right knee. It was a little achey when I got my morning tea -- feeding Little Boy, getting him changed, breakfasted, etc put me to the point where I HAD to go get pain medicine -- and I wasn't sure I could make it to the back bathroom where I keep it.

Very odd because it didn't hurt at all yesterday.

I think a doctor would say overuse and tell me to stay off it for a few days, so that's my plan, darnit. I was happy getting into a schedule. Or trying to. Oh well. Something about Serenity and Changes and Acceptance.

Between then and now, my sister challenged me to a paragraph swap (oh that might have been a good name too) along the lines of the old joke. I called in Chapter Blitz. Do come visit us at our experiment and consider whether you have a challenge in you.


  1. I often have problems with my right knee, too. Let's make up an affliction, like Writer's Knee, yeah, that's it. And it comes from working too hard! Even better!

  2. Yes, from working too hard. Great idea, especially since I spent all day (trying to, at least, except when the children wouldn't let me) sitting and looking up information about Chicago instead of writing.

    Hubby's speaking at a conference there so he's getting free airfare and hotel -- so after we found childcare, all it costs is a ticket for me. Now I have to decide what to see while I'm there!

    It has completely distracted me, but I can claim I've come down with writer's knee and am required to take a few days off. :)