Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Does baking count as progress?

Because today I baked.

Alright, only dinner rolls -- for lunch.

Wednesdays, school lets our early for Little Girl and we've worked out a schedule where Hubby brings her home and I cook us all (and a friend that works with him) a nice meal. Today wasn't as homemade as others since I started off with the Bertolli's frozen pasta, but it was pretty good.

The requirement I gave myself last week -- create a schedule with writing time on it -- has been done, but isn't going as well as I might hope. The plan....

7-8 - Wakeup tea and email
8-9 - Gym (to break up time and get me moving)
9-10 - Play with Little Boy, snacks for him, and get him settled for...
10-11:30- Writing time for me.
11:30-12- lunch
12-1:30 - Household tasks
1:30 - Pickup Little Girl from school
2-2:30 - Homework with Little Girl
2:30-3 - afternoon snacks
3-5 - all those things I missed and dinner prep
5-6:30 - dinner

The actuality?

Monday, getting to the gym took longer than I'd intended (Little Girl also didn't have school) and writing time got eaten up with cleaning the kitchen after the busy weekend and the children's constant fighting.

Tuesday, we got to the gym as scheduled, Little Boy decided he didn't want to leave. His time was taken up with doctors appointment that stretched on, the grocery store for prescriptions and we got home in time for lunch.

Today. A little late for the gym, then settling Little Boy, then cooking for the meal with the men.

Now the day is mostly gone and this is all I've done. Still, it's a beginning and each day I'm writing down the plan vs. the actuality and maybe next week will go better.

Those reading regularly will notice (from yesterday's post) that I got an idea and I started writing something, fitting it in around the edges. So something has been accomplished. Just not as much as I might have hoped and not anything on the already in progress stories.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to make use of the hour and a half writing time I've scheduled myself. And accomplish great things. (It's good to hope).

Luck on all your projects!


  1. At least you have a schedule. I'm terrified of schedules. Way to be successful. :)

  2. That was my goal this week. Create schedule. If you note that 'implement schedule' was not part of the goal... wait, let me check... no, implement schedule was not part of the goal.

    So, by that measure, I have accomplished my goals for the last week!

    Woohooo! Goals accomplished. Go Clothdragon, goals accomplished, schedule made(ed) ummm -- you may picture me doing an absolutely ridiculous looking dance here.

    I have now proved that anyone can accomplish their goals (provided they set them small enough).