Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Watching

Watching House.

Yes, Tivo'd. Of course.

We watch most of our television together on Saturdays. Hubby, Sister, and I.

There's a familial fight between two characters. Wife says, "Other than sleeping, watching tv, and eating, we never do anything together anymore."

Sister says incredulously, "What else is there?"

Later we took the children outside and used acetone to melt down the Styrofoam her new bathroom cabinet came in. We might not be terribly active, but we are weird.

We also discussed Frisbee-Golf which was our most active of geek hobbies a few years ago, but something that was let slip when I was huge with Little Boy. Then he was too small to go, then a year had passed, and another -- and really we sucked anyway. At least us girls did. I get very angry that no matter what I do I cannot seem to throw a frisbee as far as the men do. And it does not matter that I seem to aim better (when I don't think about it) than they do, but why don't my frisbees go as far as theirs?

Also when you start back after a break you get all those joint aches. Wrist, elbow, shoulder. So if you go back you have to go, then give yourself a week of recovery and then try again. And all this time you're sucking because it takes a while to remind your body how to throw properly.

Did I have a point in there?

I've forgotten.

Probably that I lead a boring life.

On the other hand, I have adorable children.

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