Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Update

Finally well enough to actually go to Writing Night this week, I wrote some.


Being a professional writer is the result of a decision. Not a hiring or an interview. There are a million interviews. There's an interview for each story I write. And I wasn't given a work schedule. I have to make my own schedule.

With baby. With sick babies.

With colds. With flu. With this Gastrointestinal issues, lack of ability to eat and a stomach that swells up sometimes. Sometimes when I eat, sometimes when I don't. Sometimes I can have wheat. Sometimes I can't.

If I want to call myself a writer, I need to find some time to write. I need to make my own schedule and I need to stick to it. I'm not doing well at this.

Hopefully the rest of you are doing better at sticking to your resolutions and goals.


  1. I'm wondering if you're having problems with more than just wheat. Some folks have problems with oats, rye, barley, etc. Also, did you know "modified food starch" as an ingredient has gluten? Just trying to think of other hidden things that may be setting you off. :( Hope you start feeling better! Trying to write when you're sick is so hard.

  2. One of the frustrating bits is that every now and then I'll forget how many things have wheat in them, and I'll eat one -- then I'll panic, but not swell up. So I'll start eating normally again and be just fine for two weeks.

    Then I'll puff up again for no apparent reason and I'll have to spend two days not eating anything solid at all to stop the swelling.

    They've decided it's irritable bowel syndrome, but I'm not sure it's not inflammatory bowel disease. --Or I was reading a book on B12 deficiency, which has a simple blood test and has been discovered, and supposedly it can cause a huge number of problems including GI issues. And goes well with the (also proven) gastropareisis as well since it's a vitamin created in the stomach. I still worry about the IBD a little though because, since trying to figure it out a little on my own, I've found my colon and I can always feel it now when I poke, like a solid tube on either side in my belly. It doesn't seem like I should be able to feel it.

    I know, that's more than anyone wants to know about my insides, but trying to learn more about it and figure out the the triggers and decide if the doctors are right -- since IBS is one of those that don't show up on any test so they don't bother doing much in the way of testing even to rule out the other things it could be -- anyway, it's on my mind a lot so if it comes up I start talking. Partially to better twist through it in my own mind and partially in the hope someone else has had some of these same experiences and can bring up something helpful.

    The other worry is Little Boy. Ever since he stopped having mushy baby-poos he crosses his legs and tries desperately to hold it in. We've been to nearly as many GI appointments for him as me (and would have gone to more if the doctors didn't keep trying to fall back on their very first suggestion that did not work and refusing to offer anything new.) So I worry whatever is wrong with me is some hereditary issue and getting me properly diagnosed would help him. I'd prefer all the poking and prodding, and taking of blood, and invasive testing happens on me rather than the three year old. (IBS does happen in children, but there's no treatment to fix it -- you can only treat symptoms --which is harder to do in a not-entirely-verbal child.)

    Anyway, that's what has been overflowing my brain lately. :)