Friday, February 5, 2010

Linking to People Linked to Me (through the Crossed Genres Anthology)

The Time of Tales by C.L. Rossman

A Crazy Kind of Love by Jeremy Zimmerman

I couldn't find a link for Adam King who wrote The Near-Sighted Sentinel, but I'll keep the space open in case I find one later.

Condiment Wars by Jill Afzelius (This one is my favorite, because it made me laugh trying to picture the ketchup leading a condiment army.)

Red Dust by Amanda Lord

Deacon Carter's Last Dime by Nathan Crowder

The Strangler Fig by Jennifer D. Munro

The Bat and the Blitz by Erika Tracy

The Good Old-Fashioned Kind of Water by Camille Alexa

I couldn't find a link for M. Palmer who wrote The Drain, but I'll keep the space open in case I find one later.

Cold by Melissa S. Green

And of course Nicc Balce, who I linked to earlier when I admired his cover work. He also did the cover for the newest issue of Crossed Genres so his pictures wrap two of my stories now. It's so great that I love his pictures. (I assume him, though the name is not gender specific, because the picture on the upper corner of the web page.)


  1. Hi, Marilou--

    Just dropping by to say how much I like your story, Caretakers, in the lastest issue of Crossed Genres!

  2. Thank you bunches. There are days that messages like this mean everything, and right now is coming quite close! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.