Monday, February 8, 2010


I think I mentioned the extravagant Christmas present from my sister before. (The television in the picture. I also mentioned that she doesn't pay for cable and we dvr everything and watch it with her on Wednesdays or Saturdays, so it doesn't feel like too much of an extravagance. Or at least that was my excuse for allowing her to do it.)

Anyway, the television didn't fit in our old cabinet (of course) and I preferred it attached to a wall -- since we have children and I'm terrified they'd pull the lightweight thing over on themselves. So I decided to build shelving. If you wonder about the upright post/ tv placement, the tv is centered between the two walls, while the posts are spread equally on the one wall. (There's a hallway leading back from one side.)

Then we pulled the dvds from the cabinet and found places on the shelves. And I scavenged art pieces from the rest of the house to fill in some of the empty space and discovered something that surprised me, but when I said it aloud, Hubby laughed at me because it had been obvious to him for years. Apparently I have collected a lot of brown art. (Art-ish things? Objects du art?) Knick knacks.

So I wandered the house looking for things that were not brown. I have some brightly colored paintings, but I don't want to stick paintings up there -- even if I did have room on the small shelves.


I apparently like brown.

Well, I knew I liked brown. Brown and rust and that autumny orange as well as mud green -- or well, nearly any green.

But I hadn't realized that the little object things I've collected (mostly from garage sales over years and years) stayed in that same color palate. Some of it is easily explained in that one is a fossil and several others are carved wood or natural clay. (Even the shiny gold foo in the corner are carved wood under that gaudiness that made my sister look at me in real shock when I brought them home).

The most surprising bit to me was when I went to the children's room thinking that I would at least have collected color for them -- and they do have colorful toys -- but the room decorations are still shades of brown. Any knick knack I've gotten them is in shades of brown.

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