Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Creativity is Shot.

Proving once more my obsessive/compulsive nature. I started a sweater. Yes, another one. One I might actually be able to wear. (If you're a little smaller than me and want a green wool sweater, let me know. -- Warning, it has raglan sleeves that don't work well with my oversized shoulder because it seems to want to be a turtleneck---- what's that shirt that shows off one's belly called again? Half-shirt? Anyway, it travels up.

Now, I'm making this one and I can't stop knitting. I'll think, just one more pattern repeat then I get to writing -- OK, no I'll just finish the first sleeve, then I'll get to writing. I'm most of the way through the body portion right now, and I'd really like to get done with the other sleeve too because I want to try it on. My arms are super long, to go with the large shoulders, but I'm not particularly overweight any more, so I'm not sure if I'm making small (with longer arms), medium, or large.

And I MUST know!

Which means I must knit.

This is why I don't play video games. This is why hubby, who occasionally asks me to play with him or tries to show off his latest, is secretly glad when I refuse.

Other distractions are: Hulu, Fight Science, Project Tracking, and instructions to make a concrete bathtub.

How do you do at prioritizing? And which parts always come first? Are they the ones that should?

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