Monday, January 25, 2010

First Paycheck!!!

I got my first paycheck for writing. It was a short story, and it's barely enough to take the family out to McDonald's, but it was a paycheck. And for writing!

And the other exciting bit...

You can put my name in's search bar and it comes up! (Not the Clothdragon name I use online, but my real one, Marilou Goodwin.) Hooray! Amazon knows who I am.

And the cover of the anthology is really cool. It's attributed to Nicc Balce, who I had to look up due to the excellence of this picture. He has two sites, one at deviantart, where you can see some great other examples of his work and his personal site, The Null. I love the electronic broom.

It's hard to tell in the little picture, but it seems to be a rocket powered broom! Excellent! I now want to write a story with a rocket powered broom. Except I have several I'm supposed to be finishing.

And the whole family came down with the latest bug. Nothing sadder than three year old Little Boy whimpering through the night when he can't stop coughing. Well, except when he did it as a one year old -- or when Little Girl did it as a one year old. It's miserable when they don't understand and they're coughing so hard they can't breathe.

Anyway, nothing accomplished this weekend. But I will finish. I can do this.

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