Thursday, January 21, 2010


I overbid for something.

I hate when that happens.

I usually do searches -- and I did last night too, but didn't find any others -- then.

I was doing a search for jewelry inspiration. My character in the short I'm struggling with wears very plain serious clothing except one gaudy brooch. That part is in my head and I'm very certain of it, but I don't know what the brooch looks like. It seems to change daily. So I went online looking for odd, unusual, or unique jewelry for inspiration. Really you'd be amazed at how many unique items are on ebay. And how many are listed multiple times by the same people.

Anyway I saw this kaleidoscope pendant and I wanted it for me, not my character. I could see tossing it in my purse (or possibly even wearing it) and distracting the children with it when we're out. So I did a search for others because I know how many unique items there are and how often people bid things up, but nothing else came up on the search. (It was late, maybe I spelled it wrong?)

And it only had three minutes left.

But then, this morning I went back again, trying to narrow down my decision of jewelry for the character, and noticed another one with a buy-it-now $7 less than what I paid.


I really, really hate when that happens.

But I think I've decided -- unless it goes much higher, because it's already a little high for something just to prod my imagination -- that I like this oddity for my character. It's not quite as gaudy as I'd imagined, but for a normally severe character to wear a balled up rat on her lapel? It's certainly odd enough.

So, for a good writerly question, if anyone feels like chatting today, how often do you shop for inspiration?

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