Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Up Wednesday

I am no closer to be published than I was last Wednesday. I have changes I want to make to my "finished" novel Seeing Dead People. I stopped writing A Penny Saved because I was getting to the end too quickly and I wasn't sure how to fix the problem without feeling like I was adding complications just for the fun of it. I have some ideas, but I'm going to think about it a little longer before getting back to it. I may need to change the location and give up a little of the original plan to get there.

Right now I'm looking at writing a few short stories to fill the time. I did werewolves last week for Graveside Tales though I don't know yet if they'll use it. And I'm trying to think of something Necromancer related. Doesn't that sound fun?

My Crossed Genres story has reached the end of it's contract and will disappear from the site at the end of this month though they did license it for another year for the anthology that will be coming out in February. Unfortunately, I can't find a link for that. They've had a recent issue with the cover art, so I'm going to guess that's why.

I read A Newbie's Guide to Publishing's New Year Resolutions and I like the Newbie ones though I'm not sure I can accomplish all of them. Always having three stories on submission somewhere seems so big along with finishing my current novel, reworking the "finished" one, and starting the new one. As well as finishing the Magic Moon edits -- which might make that novella length if I can't go through and chop half of it afterward.

Next Wednesday, I'll go through and choose a few resolutions that seem reasonable to me. And maybe decide which magazines I might subscribe/submit to.

No, not next Wednesday.

Like everyone else in the writing world and the blogospere, I'm going to take that week off.

But the next Wednesday I'll have some goals listed here and we'll see if I can accomplish them through the next year. Feel free to join me with your own list and I'll root for you too.

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