Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sketching of Characters - World Version

The other day, a half-demon came into my mind waiting for her story. Her name is Jini and she's fifty-two, which is young for a demon, but old for a human. Due to an accident and with the assistance of religious fanatics, she grew up in the foster care system. She was turned out on her own when she was eighteen, but looking about ten.

I even have a title. This story wants to be called "Half-Demonized."

One of her human friends, someone she's known for forty years, has died though Jini barely looks twenty and probably has a few hundred years until she has to worry about her own death. She's running away from her other mortal friends and is starting over somewhere new so she doesn't have to watch them die. This story is about her second generation and whether she has the courage to look into her demon roots after living in a human world for so long.

Before I can tell her story I have to figure out how many demons there are in the world -- as well as which other races there might be. Do vampires exist here? Werewolves, elves, or faeries? (I'm thinking perhaps they're all versions of Fae.) I need to know how Christian are the demons? How has the existence of demons affected that religion or any religion? How long have they been around? Forever? Twenty years?

What kind of laws are there to protect which races? I know she's not hiding what she is, so I need to know what that means to everyone else. I know it's less a character sketch than a character question, but that's all I have right now.

I'm seeing Jini in the interview process, looking for a new job in a new city purposely away from everyone she's known. I'm going to let it percolate a little longer before I start trying to force the answers. Besides, I need to get back to saving Penny.

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  1. It's so much fun to create characters, rules, and worlds isnt it? Sounds like this one will be amazing!
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