Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shortly Published.

Or a short published shortly. I submitted a story to Crossed Genres last year and they've asked to put it in an anthology with the best stories of the year.

Judged by them, of course. My sister's story in number one was easily the best of that issue, but was not chosen for the anthology. Shall I admit a possibility of bias on my part or accuse them of bad taste (suggesting my story might not be very good, ack... no)? Sigh.

I will do the easier thing and leave it up to the readers. Hers is best, isn't it? For the rest, I can't say. I started nano last November, then spent the time afterward editing the novel I wrote there, then rewriting the ending, and then editing again. And again. With all that, I got completely distracted and don't think I read another issue all year. I will read them all in anthology form, when it gets here.

For now, nano is starting again and I've finally put aside last year's novel, but I'm starting this year's. I'm hoping the practice of completing the previous one will help me go better and faster with this one and I'll figure out how to write at least one novel per year without losing everything else in my life. Other people do. The pros do. One day, I will hopefully have the practice to become one of them.

Nano'ing? (If you've buddied me on nano, please let me know. Apparently it doesn't. Well, that or no one buddied me. :) So far, I'm keeping up. Word count daily. Barely.

Also my Monday diagnostic was canceled because the tech was sick. Rescheduled for the 13th. Sigh. Only two weeks more.


  1. Congrats! I see you here and there (last spot was Kiersten's), so I thought I'd stop by. I should be NaNo-ing too, but right now, this is more fun. :)

  2. Yes, I've very opinionated. My name could show up anywhere :)

    Thanks, and congrats to you too (handy name linking - It looks like you've done great lately. Good luck on getting that first sale.