Friday, November 6, 2009

I can't stop the sharing!

Carrie Vaughn talked steampunk, and introduced me to Abney Park. They're definitely worth a listen!

Also, Princess Froglips did steampunk again this year! She's so good at it! I have supreme jealousy of her costume-making abilities. More Steampunk, and more! I love the use of Steampunk imagery to beautify contemporary and boring, but useful, equipment (laptops, cellphones, flashdrives, etc.). More costumes. The title calls them fails, but spy vs. spy a fail? So many of these are so very cool.

And Walking a Mile in their Boots is an interesting read, for writers and others even. I like the section where the writer says he thought he hit with every shot, but really only did once, in the thigh.

This link I had to offer up on hottest vampires just because they were right on number one. Spike. I never really understood that freebie list spouses will occasionally make until I saw Spike. Angel wasn't so much of an interest for me, but in his new role on Bones.... That gives him more interest. Less brooding. Not so fond of the brooding.

But Spike. I drool. Or even James Marster's character on Torchwood. Or Captain Jack (but not this season). Sigh. But I'm getting distracted. Why do we not have more James Marsters on tv? Please? Someone?

Alright, cool down time. Let's start with reasons not to date a vampire. Then cute puppy. Ten Spooky Places and Amish. And real life Dollhouse.

And lastly, some writing posts that I liked. Important Firsts and howeasy it is to write a book. And Asimov with his dangerous ideas.

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