Friday, November 27, 2009

Music Link Friday!

I don't have a problem with Twilight or Stephanie Meyers, though I admit that the book isn't my cup of tea. I strongly stand behind the author's freedom to write it and the freedom of everyone else in the world (it seems) to love it. But I do love this song picking on it. I would so take this guy over Sparkleboy. (Alright, that was rude, and I apologize, but what's the downside of vampirism here? Sparkliness?? Nevermind, I'm sorry again. To each his own.) For my own, I want this song for my ipod. More The Key of Awesome.

Also, Garfunkel and Oates. My favorite has words that are not appropriate for children (or work), but Me, You, and Steve is good too. Should I warn you that they do say "felate" once?

Oldie but goodie. Fett's Vette As in, Boba the Fett. His backpack's got jets. Can you sing it all the way through? I can. Sooooo sexy, let me tell you. You should see the men drool when they hear me singing "I'm a devious degenerate defender of the devil, shut down all the trash compactors on the detention level."

This is the pre-bleeped version, safe for kids, unless you have the kids old enough to ask you to fill in the bleeps for something like "the Sith wish they had a *bleep" so hard, cause it's long long ago in a *bleepy* far far." Or look it up themselves. In which case, you may want to avoid this whole song. Those weren't the only bad words.

Then along those lines, there's The Internet is for Porn. So glad the tour came through my hometown and I got to see the play this song came from. I need to go buy the soundtrack. Also not safe for work -- if you couldn't tell by having the word "porn" in the title.

Then zombies. Who could resist? They only want to eat your brains. They're not unreasonable. I mean, no one's going to eat your eyes. (Find SNMNMNM's Zombie Girlfriend too! I couldn't, but it's worth a listen or five.)

And for suggestions, but not links, if, like me, you just like amusing songs I have to recommend both the Doctor Horrible soundtrack and their musical commentary. I have figured out how to pull the commentary from the dvd so we can listen to it in the car and be even more geeky. Yes, my 7 year old does sing these songs in the grocery store, surprising everyone with "Nobody's Asian in the movies" and making all the passers-by certain we're racist. (I'm fish-belly white and little girl is blue-eyed blonde). We could be.

My favorites are "Zack's Rap," and "Brand New Day" from the original. And, of course, the Evil League of Evil application from Mr. Terrible. I has much love for Mr. Terrible. And Dr. Horrible, of course.

I also enjoyed Jizz in my Pants from SNL and the comeback, Puke in my Mouth and even Mother Lover.

I never though it would have to be about sex to be funny, but I was just noticing how many funny songs are. Interesting. Weird Al, you are even more impressive now that I have noticed this. Which reminds me, no geekly funny list can be complete without White and Nerdy.

Enjoy music made to make you laugh and sing. "I'll never be an emo vampire" is running through my head right now.

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