Friday, November 20, 2009

Here we go again

And it's not even an agent blog. Librarians are tired of hearing pitches for teen vampire books. Then there is T-Rex's autobiography.

I haven't be geocaching in a few years (stopped when I was giant pregnant with my now (today -- Happy Birthday, little one!) three year old and just haven't gotten back to it), but if I was still going I would have to have this shirt. I may have to put together an outing just so I can get it. Excellent.

And since I haven't played online this week as much as usual, (really, I haven't) I thought I'd share the fourteen sites in my "comics" rss folder. Funny is always good. At least I think so, but I swear I don't have internal funny so I have to get it externally. Hope you enjoy my favorite funnies.

Natalie Dee
Married to the Sea
Amazing Super Powers
Quotes of the Day -- Not exactly a comic, but I enjoy them.
Cyanide and Happiness
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Doghouse Diaries
Basic Instructions
Dinosaur Comics
Questionable Content

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