Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Monday!

I took little boy to playgroup where he completely ignored the other children and begged to go home to the computer. I am such a bad mommy.

Then I read (on the computer, of course) about an Urban Fantasy author I can admire and one I can't.

Reputations people! Even if you believe it and are willing to ignore the contributions of people like Anne Rice and Tanya Huff, (and, I'm sure, others whose names aren't coming to me right at this moment) you might consider how it sounds to say it aloud.

Unless she's talking about pioneering the mainstream sex novel. Pulling kinky threesomes from the hidden-under-the-bed pages of Playboy (Playgirl?) and into bestselling novels? That, she has done. Pioneered. But that TV movie would be on a channel I don't get. (I'd watch it though - scifi/paranormal in xxx sounds interesting if you can remember to keep a little plot in there too! It doesn't have to have too much, just a little, please, like the earlier books - so keep plugging away at that dream!) It would almost certainly be better than most of the stuff syfy puts out (or has their quality gotten better since the name change?).

Alright, enough firebombing my potential career as an author. Have a great Monday!

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