Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday is here again.


Where am I? Nowhere, really. I stopped editing Magic Moon because it is looking like my edits will make it longer than I can reasonably finish in the next week. Closer to 10,000 words than its original 5,000.

I considered writing another short story featuring characters from my Crossed Genres story, but I'm only one page in and finishing it in the next few days isn't feeling very likely. I'm going to keep trying right up until November because I think it will probably be good practice to jump back and forth between a few worlds.

But I don't have Ovarian Cancer. He's nearly almost entirely positive. That's good news. Except in the fact that it means I'm still waiting to be diagnosed. And my uterus is beautiful. Those were his words, not mine. (My doctor is hilarious; he even sang 'Crazy Little Thing Called Uterus' as he poked.)

Now I wait to eat radiation on Monday and see how fast it digests. Can I write 50,000 words in a month where one of my children has a birthday and I'm still waiting to figure out why I can't eat? We'll see.

I'm still hopeful.


  1. So glad to hear that its not cancer. And thanks for the giggle about your Dr. singing to you. Quite the visual. lol. It's almost November!

  2. He's hilarious. If you lived closer, I'd certainly recommend him for any future baby-having needs you might discover. And he always seems happy. I wish I could figure out how he does that. I tend toward serious myself so I greatly admire those who can find humor in everything.