Friday, October 9, 2009

More Fun for Friday

Sinfest amused me greatly. It may help you to know -- if you don't follow this comic, and the rainbow didn't give it away -- that the blonde at the end is the token gay. And for more funny, there is this sign, and purple prose.

I know I had read this before, but I can't remember if I brought it up. Still, it's important, so.... Libraries. Closing. We had a man running for public office in my hometown not too long ago, who said that computers were cheap enough now that everyone could afford them. That we didn't need to try to get computers or internet service in the libraries or schools because they were in every home already. It's a surprising amount of willful blindness that seems amazingly widespread. We know how high the unemployment rate is right now, but if people want books, computers, health care, food, whatever, they should just buy it on their own. I can never see past the children who will have to do without.

And the Zombie Apocalypse is coming! With zombies that are nothing like mine. Or maybe it's just the beginning, and their consciousness will come along soon enough. We can only hope.

We also need to see these emails from Crazy People, Ways to Outsmart Predators, in the animal kingdom, at least, and some Pumpkin Carving to make us mere mortals jealous.

Have a great weekend!

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