Monday, October 12, 2009

If anyone (else) writes contemporary fantasy...

This is excellent story fodder. What happens to Britain's missing children?

I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. The Call of Avalon

    A small percentage of people are born with a recessive gene that affords them psionic abilities (gifts vary) but also afflicts them with a disorienting but overpowering need to search for an unknown something. The gene is triggered by any number of stress points in life (puberty, great upheaval in life, emergency situations). These seekers eventually wander off and if they haven't killed themselves or gotten arrested for strange behavior first may be introduced to a sort of second society. Called by many names (Sidhe, Fey, Fairy...) they operate within the world but also out side of it in secret. Two major divisions exist, one seeks for maintaining the status quo through strict enforcement of ancient laws while the other seeks to overthrough the existing world by aggressively 'recruiting' and 'indoctrinating' new seekers to form a grand army.

    Enter into this world a small band of new seekers who encounter adventures finding the Sidhe but come to reject both sides of the court and follow destiny in the establishment of a third option.

    I'd read it ;)

  2. Great idea. Are you going to join me in the writing world? (not that you can tell from this, but hooray, I've switched browsers and it no longer takes me half an hour to figure out how to respond to something on my own blog -- something about firefox broke and while I could respond on other blogs I couldn't on mine)

  3. I'm a dabbler only. Writing takes a great deal of effort and time which I don't think I have. Occasionally I'll write something out but it is unfocused and the spurts of creativity unrelated. Maybe one day I'll string some together and join the ranks of the unpublished.