Monday, October 5, 2009

The Monday of Cleanups

Today, I get to clean up pomegranite juice. Several times. It's my fault. Well, not my fault that someone put it back in the fridge without the cap on tight, but my fault it spilled. Yesterday I reminisced and laughed at an old friend who had come to visit my husband when I was going out. I was at the door when his soda exploded in the kitchen, and I paused, hand on the doorknob, continuing out only after he promised to clean it up.

When I get home, the countertop was spotless, but the wall behind it, the underside of the cabinets, the front of the lower cabinets, even the canisters were still covered in dried soda. There was a small dried smear on the floor. I can tell this pomegranite spill is because I picked on him since this is the third time I've mopped already. First, cleaning up everything I could see (floor, cupboards, walls, dog food dishes -- it really splashed everywhere), then going in and finding the floor sticky further out than I'd thought, and still sticky where the main puddle happened. Then another time, after it dried, still sticky and even further out.

Will I ever run out of pomegranite juice to clean up? And frustratingly enough, pomegranite juice was a failed experiment. No one will drink it. It has been recommended that little boy drink less milk, but he hates orange juice, disdains water, will only accept limited amounts of apple juice, or grape juice -- and asks for drink about a million times each day. The cherry juice I picked up at the same time seemed workable, but now we're out and we're down to pomegranite, which I'm sure I'll have to mop up again in a few minutes because the sticky just won't go away.

Sort of like my first story that I've thought I'd finished a million times now, but find myself doing "one last edit" because I found something new that I want to try. Authornomy by HarperCollins. I don't quite hate my first story yet, but if I don't take a break from it I almost surely will. So when I get it chopped up and uploaded, I'm very seriously not touching it again until after I finish the second book. And I mean it this time. NaNoWriMo is for A Penny Saved... and if Seeing Zombies needs any more help, it will just have to wait till December.

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