Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fu Tsang - A Character Sketch

Fu is our poodle. My daughter's choice, since I prefer the husky flat-faced breeds. She's seems intelligent and easy to train, but, imagining the world through her eyes....

OH MY GOD, you're home. Finally. Do you still love me? Why did you leave for so long. Why couldn't I go with you? WHY DO YOU LEAVE ME BEHIND LIKE THAT???

You've brought that one home again. That means you'll have to make snacks and won't sit down so I can get on your lap. Why can't I sit on your lap? Maybe I can sit on your feet. Why won't you just be still so I can sit on your feet? Do you not see me? I keep pressing myself against your legs, how can you miss me?

You've forgotten me, that's what it is. You were gone too long and you've forgotten me. You don't love me any more. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? I am always so good! Oh, that's right. Sit. You like it when I sit. OK, I'm sitting. You turned, I'd better move. OK, I'm sitting. Right here, alright, here. Or over there. I can sit there.

Yes, they have snacks, but you haven't touched me yet! Yes, yes, put them down, at the table. Then help them into the chairs, alright, yes. But now, it's done. They have food, can't you stop yet? I'm right here, at your feet. WAITING. ALWAYS WAITING.

Oh, wait, you're bending. Oh, a pet. So good. Thank god you do still love me! Wait, you're standing, why are you standing? I'm still here. I'm still waiting. You could pick me up? Why can't you pick me up? I need to be with you!

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