Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Missed a Day!

Ack! I was out most of yesterday. Shopping. Doctor. Flu shots. My arm still hurts. Amazingly tender for such a little thing, and Nurse Judy is usually excellent with shots so maybe the ingredients are more harsh for this one than usual.

Today is supposed to be Random Writing, but having missed yesterday, I think I'll do updates instead. (Random Writing is way harder than updates, and I'm trying to struggle my way between the two stories right now -- the one I'm supposed to be editing and the one I'm still planning for next month. I'm having trouble making room in my head for one more short right now. Besides I have two character sketches for Penny's world already. Hooray. Next week I should do Scott.)

Besides. I need to bring it up, while I'm thinking about it, that I will be taking November off.

I have 50,000 words to write, several doctors appointments that will hopefully fix me, two children, a husband, and Thanksgiving family issues to deal with in that month, so if I update here it will be inconstant and out of the blue. I will come back in December, hopefully starting with news about being a nanowrimo winner and information about how close A Penny Saved... is to being finished. If any of you are joining nano, do friend me so we can keep up on each other's projects. I'm clothdragon there too.

But, where am I today?

Still editing Magic Moon and not making much progress at it. Avoiding wheat is not helping right now and my stomach has been bloated three days straight and threatening to break my ribs outward yesterday. I've been whining and avoiding useful work for days. Even on writing night, I managed a whole paragraph. And I know, this is the issue discussed on other sites. The difference between being a professional and a wanna-be, that the professional writes anyway because this is a job, so I'm going to write. Today. At least a page. And next Wednesday, on my last update for a month, I will be able to say I have finished the editing. That's the goal.

Then I can start getting excited about Penny's world again.


  1. Aww, I hope you feel better. I do not envy the needles. I hate needles. Feel better soon. November is right round the corner. :)

  2. Thank you, and good luck in your query contest!