Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Fun!

Color me surprised. Wait, that may be a prejudiced statement. It does reference color. Maybe I'm only surprised because Farrakhan hadn't previously hit my radar. I recognize the name, but not recently enough to remember who he is or what he does. I'm not sure how the vaccine is supposed to be able to tell black people apart from white people. Or maybe it's just supposed to kill everyone.

I have been told it's being shipped out in stages. First for pregnant women and the elderly. Oooh, that's more diabolical than he'd implied.

Never mind. I can't keep thinking about that one. Except for the fact that countries survive on tax money, population, and soldiers (we'll always be useful as long as we can breed new citizens) it might make sense to get rid of those two groups first. Sigh.

Something else worrisome in health insurance. People putting the bottom line over other people. I recognize it's a business, but there have to be some people in that business, working there, looking at claims, and choosing which ones to deny who are just sick sick people.

But there is something new coming out. Nook. From Barnes and Nobles. I drool over the sharing feature. Then fascinating brain research and Halloween is coming!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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