Monday, October 19, 2009

I haz freezing

Does talking like lolcat keep me from sounding like I'm whining? No? I guess because I am whining. Sigh.

Florida is having a rare cold day. 50 degrees outside (according to the internet -- ooh, and my outdoor thermometer, since that last admission made me feel guilty and lazy enough to go check. Go WeatherBug for accuracy!)

Inside our thermostat is set to 72 so I really shouldn't be that cold. But I haven't been able to eat since Saturday and I typically eat to keep warm. (Odd metabolism or is this the same for everyone? The eating part, that is, not the not-eating part. I'm scheduled for another test in November to try to diagnose that. Oh, the speed of medicine.)

Anyway, that means I'm wearing sweatpants, knee socks, and a sweater and I'm still so very cold. I need to send my hemp sweater through the washer to get rid of yesterday's firepit smell so I can wear that again. (That hemp sweater is the warmest I've ever found -- from Kye Crow. If only I could afford to buy all her stuff, well, at least all the hemp stuff, I would be warm. And fashionable. In a sense.

I guess, where I'm going with this is that I need to figure out how to wear more clothes and still be able to move because I cannot make the rest of the family uncomfortable by raising the thermostat, and I cannot think while freezing. And I would prefer to be able to type. I have a story to finish. Yesterday I accomplished the ridiculousness of an an Alien Vampire Bunny entry.

Today I would like to accomplish something as well. I'm not sure what, but something. That would be good.

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