Friday, October 16, 2009

The Collection of Other People's Ideas

Let's start with some funny pictures. From Failblog, the Limo Fail, sand and the something hidden picture. Don't worry it took me a while to find it too. Look first. See anything odd? I'll give a hint at the bottom, in case you miss it too. It took hubby forever.

Then, for a serious moment, a man who underplays a very important decision. Not launching nukes. I am much impressed. Not everyone would have done it that way and I think I personally know several people who would have been all over that button to be sure they had time to take the bastards down with them.

I also need to remember not to shop at Ralph Lauren, because if she wouldn't fit into their clothes, I certainly won't. Scary, the scrawniness. And I know people might think these are my rationalizations because I am not thin, but I don't understand the point.

Being thin enough to not have to worry about all those health issues that come with "obesity," yes. That I understand. Being thin for a modeling job so you can make enough money to retire by the time you're thirty, like athletes and such, yes, I suppose I understand that too. But otherwise, you get to be a little skeleton figure who can't eat the most yummy stuff EVER. Never. Can you imagine, purposely choosing a life in which you get no cake at all? (I've already looked up wheat-free cakes, in case my stomach issue continues to mean I can't eat wheat.)

And back to funny with a picture I cannot believe I didn't find on failblog. And a comic about how early Christmas decorations are showing up in stores. And a stick for poking at my more religious friends -- who will all, hopefully, see the humor in it that I do.

Oh, and for inspirational, I have Steampunk Art! Have a great weekend!

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