Monday, September 28, 2009

The Monday of Frustrations

Yesterday I went to the ER because I was having trouble breathing. My chest hurt and it felt like I might pass out. They were very quick at getting me in since I had chest pain, and they quickly decided it was not my heart. Yay. Then they spent 22 more hours proving without a doubt it was not my heart, releasing me about an hour ago. No matter how many times I told them my lungs felt like they were filled with liquid, they didn't test my lungs.

Now I am home, still having trouble breathing, with a recommendation for over-the-counter prilosec, despite the fact that the IV Prilosec did not help. One doctor said he thinks it's GI. One said he thinks I have a long-lasting virus and he's glad he didn't touch me because he's sure the two nurses who did will be sick next week, and one of the nurses thinks that the IUD that punctured my uterus a few months ago caused more damage than the doctor that removed it thought and I'm suffering a serious infection from that.

But they didn't check any of that out. Not a single test for any of those things. In 26 hours sitting with them, they didn't check anything but the heart they didn't even suspect after the first two hours. I'd think they were being nice enough to prove I wasn't going to pass out from lack of air before they released me, but it just took them that long to get me into the "stress test." They didn't even try for any other tests.

To find out what the problem really is, I'm supposed to now go back to my primary care physician and get referrals for everything else. I could have easily done that today if they'd let me out of the hospital last night. So instead of fixing the problem, they extended the time I'd have to deal with it.


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  1. So so so sorry to hear about this! Is the breathing any better today? I can't believe they didn't do a chest x-ray. That's such a simple test, and they can know in minutes if there's fluid. Ridiculous. I hope you get some answers soon. {{hugs}}