Friday, September 25, 2009

Linking to Links

I love costumes. I'm not nearly as good at making them as my friend, Princess Froglips, but even as amazing as she is, she pales in comparison to many of these. Though perhaps that's simply because hasn't yet had an urge to make armor.

I also hadn't previously had an urge to learn the Russian alphabet. OK, I had, but I hadn't actually put any time in it. I thought this was pretty cool though. If only I could remember this information more than five minutes.

The oddness of life. If it made him more able to procreate instead of less, we'd have a new stage of evolution. Yes, that's right. If you believe in evolution, you should know there aren't planned stages that we're stepping through (unless you are merging science and your religious beliefs, to make them fit -- and if you are, Go You!) But straight evolution does not have a goal. It is all accidental mutations that are either passed on or not passed on. (If she had any sort of abnormality, it is so very passed on.)

Next, I have a cat. A painted cat. But I'm really a dog person. And then there were spiders. And werewolves!"

Then, my newest amusement. Bill's Guide to the Internet.

And because I want to be a beta reader here, you must see the following ad. And pick up Ilona Andrews new book too. It looks neat. (Should I buy it now or wait to see if I've won? Oh, the difficult decisions in life...)

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