Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Going Backward

I ended last week three pages behind my goal, which of course makes this weeks goal 13 pages instead of 10 right off the bat. Then yesterday I stared and stared at my WIP (Work In Progress) and couldn't go anywhere with it. I deleted everything I wrote last week and started over in a slightly different direction. Five pages in two hours isn't too bad when I've been struggling with ten pages a week. So the new direction seems to be working. But I still have fifteen to go.

I think this direction will take me longer to finish though, and fifteen won't be the end of the novel anymore so my deadline extends before me refusing to get closer. Maybe Ricia is destined to remain on my laptop, going no further? One way or the other, I will finish it. Part of making this a business, of DOING it rather than just talking about it, is finishing the book. I will finish this one and then I will finish the next one that's already dancing around the edges of my mind. I will give these stories (and myself) a chance.

Alright, on that note, back to writing. Where am I? Getting there.

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