Monday, August 31, 2009

I Went to the Gym

Hooray me for the gym going. It's almost like accomplishing something. I only walked a mile, though I've been trying out the other buttons on the treadmill so I walked a mile in the Weight Loss setting, which seems to mean that every now and then, according to the little bars on the display, the machine goes up to an 8 incline and then afterward it keeps yelling at me (in blinking dots of course) to slow down because my heart rate is too high.

I had already slowed down, walking a leisurely 2.4 miles per hour today instead of the 3.something that I choose when I know what the machine is going to do. I wasn't willing to go slower than that.

Anyway, so that was my time at the gym. Then little boy and I come back just in time for lunch where our schedule says peanut butter sandwiches. Yes, we've started making meal plans. They keep us from eating out so much, which we really can't afford to do.

He seems fine with PBJ's right up until I start making them when he starts to cry. Since he doesn't enunciate well -- he's only 2 and a half, so we can't pick too much -- it takes me half an hour to figure out he's decided he wants a bagel. Well, we have some in the fridge, so OK. I make a bagel for him.

Then, after the little 'hah-ha' he does when we figure out what he wants he starts to get grumpy again and I spend another half an hour figuring that for some unknown reason he wants peanut butter, on top of his cream cheese on his bagel. I swear this is not my fault. While I will admit that I love cream cheese (hence my need to go to the gym) and think many things can be made better with the addition of cream cheese or it's more versatile sibling, sour cream, I have never added cream cheese to peanut butter -- well, now I have, and he ate every bite.

Yes. Now I'm curious too, but I haven't yet had the courage to try it.

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