Friday, August 28, 2009

The Best of the Week

These are the blogs or links that caught my attention through the week. Yes, I do have an rss reader and yes, I do use it's regular updates to help me avoid writing, though I feel less guilty about the breaks for taking care of the children even if it's something completely unnecessary like going for ice cream or sitting outside to watch the garbage truck not come by -- trash day was yesterday. It will not come by again today no matter how much he wants it to.

This Monday there was an article that nearly made me cry. Reasons to write, other than to quiet the voices in my head and satisfy all those imaginings who want their stories told. Jim C. Hines talks about that new manuscript smell.

Tuesday there was Hey, There's a Dead Guy in my Living Room, making me laugh, and an interesting guest blog by Jodi Meadows (whose blog I follow) on Robin McKinley's site (whose books I read, but didn't know she had a blog), that was all about knitting.

And then there were two sites disturbing enough they had to be mentioned, but I just couldn't link them. Cremation Solutions offer funeral urns shaped like the head of your newly dead loved one. Yes, you can put a ceramic version of their decapitated head on your mantel. Article on Manolith. And Eternal Earthbound Pets offers a subscription service to care for pets of people who ascend in the rapture. I don't even have words. And I always have words.

Wednesday, there is just one. A to Z of Awesomeness It is truly so Awesome you will need nothing else.

Thursday there was the cutest dog costume in the world, ok, out of the world and Journalistic Lies by Cracked.

Friday, I goggled at a Physical/Digital Storage Pictograph, and I was amused at Janet Reid's mini-rant. (I read just under 100 pages an hour, so I wasn't at all surprised for my first form rejection to come at only ten minutes after I sent the query. Yes, first ever. It was a very bad query.) I would really expect agents, who read for a living, to have even more reading practice behind them than someone who is only an obsessive reader. Who could read enough to write and not be able to read one to five pages in half an hour? (Unless he didn't follow instructions and sent the whole manuscript as an attachment, in which case, no, she probably didn't read it.)

But let's end the week with a big laugh at The Doghouse Diaries, where the comment below the comic is at least as funny as the comic itself.

Have a great weekend!

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