Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Let's Talk Halloween!

It's October already! Only so much time to get your costumes made!

Those of you who know me on FanSci or Facebook know my sister has chosen Lady Loki, (from annagiovannini at deviant art). She's bought some fabric and this weekend we'll be starting to cut it up and hope the shape it takes will look...


Don't worry, I'll post pictures later to show either our triumph or our humiliating failure.... I wonder if we should get a wig or if Christina will just be a short-haired Loki. Probably that second one. I'll get out the hair-wax so she can spike it up for interest.

My idea (which I also bought fabric for, so is now etched as close to in stone as I get) is a gender-swapped Thor costume to go with her Lady Loki. And Lacking interest in armor, I think I might go even a little further away from the traditional.

Sketch of Steampunked Gender-Swapped Thor CostumeI've been sketching. Scanned in pencil doesn't show as well as I'd like, and I'm not used to trying to put my own art online so I'm a bit lost in digitally fixing it, but I'm sure you get the idea.

I'm leaning toward the last one -- the one with the under-bust vest -- I found a light silvery gray knit to make the undershirt with that should give just a hint of armor. The vest and skirt will be a darker, heavier knit that won't be completely stiff, but should hold it's shape enough to flare nicely past the hips.

The top hat worries me a little too. I've started 3 different ones, but have yet to finish any. And I'm not sure how to make the wings yet.

What are you planning? Making anything big and difficult or will you be buying stuff from the store, like I probably will for my children who have decided to be Harry Potter and Hermione.


  1. OOOOO you must check this out:

    Scroll down to see the 40's lady Avengers!

    (And good luck with your costumes.)

  2. I love Epbot. Thanks for reminding me of those, I am so impressed by all of the work that go into every one of these costumes. One day mine will be so fancy :)