Monday, March 26, 2012


Perhaps something is wrong with me. The title is "Eerily Realistic Monster Sculptures Wish You Sweet and Screaming Dreams" but they look so happy.

Every one of them is smiling. Except the headless one, but look at his hands! You can tell he's happy too.

And if anyone from the far far north where there are fewer allergens wants to offer Husband a job my nearly constant headache and I will make sure he seriously considers it. Sadly he's gone all specialized so I can't go job hunting for him and tempt him with foreign locales. I'm not sure HE can go online and search for openings either. If we ever move it will probably be someone seeing him speak at one of the professional organizations and deciding they need him. Documenting and managing network ports and cables between a few thousand buildings is not something many organizations need.


But all our stuff is here. And our friends. So I guess it's not too bad.

Then again we're already having days above 80 degrees so if we have more than a week in the 110's I may revisit the idea and follow up by begging people to join us afterward.

How is it in places that aren't Florida? Anyone else tempting heatstroke in March?


  1. You are always welcome to take a heat break with us. Today's highs are in the 60s.

  2. We've hit that point where we have two kids in school so it's harder to run off. We might take you up on that some point this summer if it gets too nasty -- and we can find time between the swim classes. (I'm determined my kids will learn enough to not drown if they fall in a pool, but they are resisting.)

  3. It's pretty hot here in TX right now, but not nearly so bad.

  4. I'm actually okay in the 80s. I'm worried though, that it's so early and we'll be hitting the 110s a good bit of the summer. The weather people die in. Hopefully, it's a cycle and not the noticeable beginnings of global warming, because we're nowhere near fixing that second one and it worries me.