Monday, December 5, 2011


Sam and Fuzzy has another t-shirt I love.

Have I mentioned before that I wear mostly t-shirts.

I've always loved t-shirts but I gave them up for a while because I realized I was giving people an excuse to stare at my breasts -- there were some slow readers when I was in college. Now I am old and I don't care anymore -- and I love witty sayings. Wearing them around is just bonus. I figure it's like a lot of people feel about their tattoos except I can (and often do) change mine daily.

But the first Sam and Fuzzy t-shirt was ...
There was so much drooling.

That's when I discovered topatoco shirts were very small and I wear an xl for them. Truly. My 9 year old is wearing the medium I got for Christmas last year. It fits her shoulders just fine, only hanging short-nightie long. Even the xl there is sort of tight. Not a bad thing if you recognize it up front. Unless you're bigger than me and also prefer the thinner fabric they usually use for the ladies shirts. (I assume the men's shirts come larger since even my moderately sized husband would look funny in my t) But, since I'm bringing up topatoco, I felt I needed to mention the sizing issues. I was shocked and dismayed when the first order didn't fit. (There was much dismay going on.)

Anyway, their new shirt is...
 Isn't it wonderful? Lots of want.

But I think I might like one of Threadless's even better.
No words necessary.

They're having a 24 hour sale where everything is marked down to $10. I'm so tempted right now, you just can't imagine. I keep telling myself I have plenty of t-shirts. Plenty. I don't need these. But doesn't he look so happy?

So now that I've admitted one of my great weaknesses, tell me... where do you find your favorite t-shirts?


  1. Thinkgeek and snorgtees are where I find most of mine.

  2. I hadn't yet found snorgtees. That will probably keep me occupied for quite some time.