Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Have I mentioned it here yet? I don't think I have....


I'm going to Ireland in May!

I'm very excited. I've been reading Rick Steves and Frommers (2009, borrowed from a friend), but when I finish the facts about the cities and the touristy stuff we put on our MUST-SEE list....

What else should I read? What will make the land come alive for me before I get there?

Like, before we went to Chicago I re-read Dresden (Jim Butcher). I even read The Devil in White City (Erik Larson) and I don't usually like Historicals. Is there something I absolutely have to read before Ireland? What would you read (re-read)?


  1. Congrats! Ireland is on my must-see list. I have no idea what I'd read, but I'd probably watch some Irish shows just so I could get used to the accents.

  2. Great idea. Recommends? Hmmm... Netflix search?

  3. I like Father Ted, and Ballykissangel was all right for at least two seasons.

  4. I am so spoiled, grumping because I have to wait for Netflix to send the disk rather than watching it RIGHT NOW on Instant Download.