Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why my To-Be-Read Pile Never Gets Any Smaller

... and one of the reasons I love garage sales.

Where else would $30 of books look like this....
OK, some of them are for the babies, but I got 51 paranormal romances. Here, I set them upright a little.
You know all those movies where the made-it-rich people think about making a big money pile and rolling around in it? Sometimes, after garage sales, I feel like I should do that with my book haul. Except I might hurt a book. And I could never do that.

So great!


  1. That looks awesome. You can at least stack them up and then lay in the middle.

  2. Agreed, my friend. I also have that kind of fantasy of wallowing in books. I went bonkers at a Good Will store recently--bought all of the Clive Barker paperbacks I could find for about $15. I think someone got rid of a collection. I also have a gift certificate to Half Price Books from Christmas that I haven't used yet, and I have stuff to trade in...mmmmmm BOOOOOOKS....

    TheBurton Inspiration

  3. Just found your blog thanks to Epbot! Wolf Whistle, which I saw picture, is a great book!! Hope you like it!!

  4. I didn't roll around in the books, but I did spend a while sitting next to the pile, reading covers, not exactly caressing them. Nice to hear I'm not the only one :)

    --Oh My God! I read the back of Wolf Whistle at the garage sale and I swear my jaw actually dropped at "In Wolf Whistle, Nordan transforms one of America's most notorious racial killings into a magical mystery ride of hilarity and horror that you will never forget." I cannot imagine how that is done, but I can't wait to find out. Unfortunately, the time limited library books come first, so it won't be soon.

    Oh, today I drove the two hours to Orlando to shop Ikea -- with a list, but also with kids, so it still took forever, but tomorrow I should type in a few of the more amusing, (no, not quite), surprising, (almost), noteworthy (yes, that one!) cover blurbs.