Friday, December 3, 2010

Neat Stuff Online

I have a sinus infection and a killer headache to go with. Perhaps that is why I'm finding other people's words so fascinating today. Or perhaps they're just good. I leave it to you to decide....

Sinfest. Showing a common writing difficulty. I've often found it interesting how people feel they know less and less the more they learn. It's natural because the world is giant and while I appreciate that giant flat television my sister got me for Christmas last year I have no idea how it works -- or exactly how the tivo reaches out over our internet connection and brings me Buffy from Netflix. Sometimes -- particularly when talking with people who have jobs outside their homes -- I feel like I know nothing.

Lifehacker makes ever-so-much sense. Where does Google get the money to provide me with the free email, the calendar, and, I think, even this blog? It's the advertisements across the top of my email window advertising diapers when I'm emailing with my friends about cloth or not. (In that case they were for naught, because I went cloth -- homemade, bitches.... uhm, right. Sorry.)

Nathan Fillion. Why is he sexy? Because he seems to think life is fun. On the set of Firefly, Castle. In his interviews (of the others). Or on Twitter. He smiles and jokes and enjoys himself. That's why.

CakeWrecks. Scan down to the Broncos cake. Somehow that thing ends up being the scariest monster-creatures I've ever seen on a cake. I am impressed.

Jennifer Crusie pulls together a bunch of printable gift tags. I usually get a sharpie and write directly on the paper, but Santa would never be so crass.

Kim Harrison gives a slight hint of what poor Husband has to deal with. And since she hasn't started an Etsy shop of little monster face purses, she has probably never talked to her husband in public about how well the eye-ball organizer is working. Who would have thought both my obsessions come with crazy? Only people who know me? Well, I never.

Redlines and Deadlines brings up the 2010 Bad Sex Awards. Not for people, before you start shaking and head off to look for your name, but for novels. They quote (I requote, because it is so ..... good?"Like a lepidopterist mounting a tough-skinned insect with a too blunt pin he screwed himself into her." 

I'm sure there will be more as I continue mindlessly scrolling the internet, but this is enough for now. It lets you wander off with the ever-so-romantic image.... "Like a lepidopterist mounting a tough skinned insect...."


  1. Ohhhh, I am so sorry for the sinus infection! Like you needed that on top of the IBS. (I finally got onto a dose of steroids and three kinds of antibiotics for mine. If this doesn't kill the infection, it might kill me. Or make me grow a beard....)

    I did not know Nathan Fillion was on Twitter. I have to go check that out. I love Firefly and it's all because of him. LOL

  2. Fingers crossed that we'll both be better soon. (I would be happy for you if you got better alone, but it would be extra nice if we both could enjoy a few weeks of health at least :)

    My twitter use is random for either reading or writing, but Nathan was very funny when I'd logged in in the past.