Monday, December 27, 2010

Loooong Weekend...

I think I've mentioned before that Husband works at a university? Well, to save money the university completely closes down between Christmas and New Year -- no classes was already a given, so once they give the rest of the staff the week off they no longer pay electricity or upkeep (or temp/part-time employees who don't get paid vacations) for the week.

Supposedly this saves money.

I don't know.

It might.

But that means this whole week is going to feel like weekend. We don't have any plans. We don't have any holiday visitors and we're not going anywhere for the holiday. So we have a bunch of no-stress nothing days coming up. But then having a long string of days where nothing happens and you don't have any plans or goals gets wearing after a while -- I know. I'm a home-mommy that does not excel in organization. We've passed whole weeks where the most exciting thing happening was when Husband got home from work. This week we don't even have that.

I should make plans.

I should schedule some writing time while Husband is home to take care of the children.

If I was smarter, this would be my writing week and they wouldn't see me at all. At the very least I should schedule a day to visit the natural history museum -- maybe the Harn. Except that I live in Florida and our unusual near-freezing temperatures makes me want to stay inside. (I heard it snowed here on the NW side of town yesterday -- unfortunately I was on the SW at that time, shopping with my sister.)

Perhaps we'll all stay inside and rot our brains with television.
Or I'll read through my amazing Christmas haul -- 11 books!

How do you spend this odd week between Christmas and New Year?


  1. Unlike hubby, my university is open for business. So here I am. Luckily it's nice and quiet though - lots of people use vacation time anyway, so it's an excellent week to catch up on things that I've been too distracted to otherwise do. Or... catch up on blogs or other procrastinating that I often do when it's quiet. Shhhh.... don't tell my boss... she wouldn't approve.

  2. The quiet weeks are nice. I remember way back when I used to work, this was the week with no emergencies.