Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Legion of Doom Question

MaryJanice Davidson wrote a post about her magic powers the other day. Go on, go read.


Okay, today's question, based on her post, is....

What are your magic powers?

Mine are green light powers -- when I'm in a hurry, the lights all turn green for me.


  1. I once had a dream where everyone had super powers, and mine was the incredibly dull power to make things smell nice. Ugh. Other people were shooting fire from their hands, but me, I could make your living room smell like cookies.

  2. I....

    I'm at a loss for words.

    But now I'm tempted to make cookies.

  3. I can duplicate colors. If given a swatch, I can mix primaries to match. Surprisingly, this will work with dyes as well as more traditional paints. I will admit, that I prefer my primaries to be Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black -- but it still works with Blue, Red, and Yellow.

    Husbeast Allan's super power is much more practical. We joke about him having good parking car-ma. (Get it? Car-ma = Karma! Yes, we crack ourselves up.) He is capable of finding a parking spot right up front near an entrance every time.

  4. Oh, that parking thing must be a more common power. MJD's sister has that one too. Anyone else claiming it?

    I have much jealousy over color duplication -- partially because I know you also have color matching, where you can find the perfect shade of orange to go with that purple and black so you look elegant and beautiful rather than looking like an out-of-season Halloween prop, like I would should I have tried something so daring.

    Sigh. Other people's super powers are always greener than one's own.