Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hats Away

I know, my crafting post today is so late, that it's almost tomorrow's. But, yesterday, I got a thank you card from Epbot Jen (for the clay robot) and it made me happy. It made me remember how much fun it is to give something away that people enjoy. 

So I decided to make something else to give away -- forgetting, of course, how long it takes me to knit things once I've stopped for a while. And I had to start over once, when I realized that I was using smaller needles this time and it was too small even for my tiny head. But I am finally done, so now that I have made it hopefully one of you will want...

A Twisty Witchy Hat.

The pumpkin, I believe, is even larger than my husband's giant head -- or at least rounder, so it should be stretchy enough to fit most anyone. It's made of Lion Brand Wool-Ease, 80% acrylic and 20% wool, so not for people allergic to wool -- though my sister can wear hers and she usually can't wear wool.

Legalese includes me only shipping to United States locations and probably that I intend to use one or more dice to choose the winner, should I get enough entries to require multiple dice, and that I'll choose that winner on Sunday at noon -- or a little later, depending on when we get home from Little Girl's school-friend's birthday party. I will try to get the hat to the winner before Halloween. 

And, lastly, to enter all you need to do is comment below telling me one thing that happened this last week that made you happy.

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