Thursday, October 7, 2010

As Promised...


Wow. I look horrible in that picture. My hat and collar are both crooked.

Oh well.

I'll try to do better on Halloween.

Husband wants to use my hat from last year's costume...

Let me look....

There it is.

He's going to be a musketeer.

I need to make a tabard and little cloak that might match or complement the hat. He's got the pants, boots, and flowy shirt from the pirate costume a few years ago. So two small sewing projects and a fencing blade prop.

Little Girl thinks she wants to be a fairy now. One of Tinkerbell's friends. Little Boy hasn't really figured out Halloween. I took him to JoAnn's (fabric/patterns/etc.) and poked through the books. He wanted to be everything and nothing. I'm considering The Last Airbender because we've been watching it and he's been thrilled.


  1. Those are both awesome! I love the second costume especially, but the first is great two. And I like the crooked hat, gives you a rakish air. ^_^

  2. Last year's costume -- the red one -- I bought. Want me to ship it out? But you're not doing Halloween-y stuff this year.