Friday, September 17, 2010


Wired discusses bringing extinct creatures back to life. Science Fiction and Fantasy Novelists has a great post on sexism. Women are more than their bodies and all.

Then two Failblog posts. I am now tempted to have my minivan painted white so I can have that written down the side. Or will it work better if I leave it blue? And I don't usually like the google auto-completes, but Dinosaurs are Jesus Ponies? I don't know if it's even the thought behind that that catches me or if it's the way the words sound in my head when all mixed together like that. So fun.

Nicola Morgan talks about twitter again. Which I haven't entirely figured out, no matter how many tutorials I read. I mean, I have a username, and I follow people and go read stuff every now and then, and even more rarely post something, but still.... I don't really get it. Maybe because I haven't installed tweetdeck? I've tried the other suggestion of hootesuite, but I hate installing stuff when I don't need to. (My cheapy laptop keeps threatening to overheat on me as it is, why stress it more?)

But, back to links, WriteOnCon is having an epic giveaway. They're focused on children's lit, but it is fun to read for us non-children's writers too. (And writing site giveaways are always fun for readers 'cause the giveaways are usually books.)

All Things Urban Fantasy is having getting geared up for Halloween with a Spooky Legends Event.

HP has some printables! I think they're adorable. Here is a spray-on clothing idea, which is interesting, but I can think of some serious limitations.

And here you can see the Serenity crew in peg people form. Much cuteness. And there the week is over already. Well, there's the rest of today, of course, but otherwise.... Does it seem like this week shot by to you too?

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