Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Craftiness This Week

You guys have heard, in past entries, that I have tivo and we watch television on Wednesdays and Saturdays -- except the filler tv I'm using lately to drown out the ear-ringing. Well, I planned to make something clay-related on tv night, but instead I caught up with House, Castle, and Gibbs.

And I gave them all my undivided attention.

So I did nothing at all crafty. Nothing the rest of the week either. What happened to all my time? I have no idea. I seem to have lost it all. And October is coming up fast.

I need to make a whole bunch of costumes so I can't let it happen again. Next week, gangster vest. Then, Little Girl is thinking she wants to be a ghost this year. I'll give her a little longer to change her mind a few more times then ask again before buying fabric or sewing anything, but she's stuck with this one for a few days now so I may be making a ghost costume. It's always a lot of work, but I love Halloween dress up time.

What do you plan to be?


  1. Nicole is going to be a belly dancer, since she agreed to the "you must wear this for Halloween" terms when she was begging for the costume from Ren Fest in June. Jake is being a pirate, again. Same costume as last year, but he's completely on board.

    I was gifted with a Merlotte's t-shirt (the ones the waitresses wear) last week, so I think I'll don that and some jeans and call myself a waitress (not Sookie though, because I don't want to attempt to figure out blonde hair).

  2. I can't even picture you blonde.

    Last week Little Girl wanted to be a giraffe. The week before, a witch -- but a cute witch. For her, I really do have to wait for last minute. Little Boy hasn't considered it yet. I suppose I should ask him soon, but I worry I'll have a second indecisive child and lean toward waiting so I don't have to hear so many changes.

  3. For most of the day, I'm going to be a corpse, holed up in my house trying to sleep. Then, I'm going to be a writer gearing up for nano! Midnight kick-off writing party, here I come!