Friday, July 23, 2010

Wonderful Things

Well, I guess yesterday's request didn't work out too well. No one has the same pile of reading material as I do. So I suppose I'll put those back in the to-be-read pile and try again later. Maybe in a month where I'm going through fiction as fast as I've been going through non-fiction this month. Yes, really. And I don't usually read non-fiction.

But onto the usual Friday fun links...

I don't have many this week, because I've spent most of my time at AgentQueryConnect (or AQC, as it shows up in my email) playing around in their critique marathon and reading other people's work. (This also has meant that I haven't written anything of my own this week, and I need to fix that.) But I did find a few neat things.

Holy WOW, Batman. Or Ironman, I guess, but he doesn't have the super-catchy catch phrase.

We have a super-geeky Dinosaur Comic, where T-Rex argues the Millenium Falcon against the Enterprise question to a satisfying conclusion.

All Things Urban Fantasy lists the male protagonist Urban Fantasy novels. I thought there had to be some, but I hadn't known any -- other than Dresden, that is. Love the Dresden books!

And Whedon will be directing the Avengers. Which is really only interesting because I love Whedon.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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