Friday, July 16, 2010

Linkety Links

Full of tech today, I have some giant legs people can use instead of wheelchairs. I don't know if they're quite there yet, but that may be because I'm not in a wheelchair. While they look very neat, they also look a bit bulky. However, if they become commonly used, they'll get smaller. I mean, look how far computers have come.

Then there are the telescopic eye implants. Not quite Shadowrun level, but every year we get closer. And talking about eyes, or a missing one, a look at Odin, Thor, and Loki costumed up for the the upcoming movie. It's not my favorite. I don't like the multilayer armor. Anthony Hopkins looks good though.

And a bendable bike. Nifty if you live where there are a lot of poles but not many bike racks. I live in a college town where even pay parking is only a license to hunt for a space, nothing is promised, ever. Even Publix has bike racks.

Apple did not start off with Google's "Don't be evil" policy and are in the middle of proving it.

In the WTH category, I can't do better than the title they gave it themselves: Jersey Shore Must-Have: The Wine Rack. A quick laugh at the industry leading the way in fragging up copyright questions and new media availability. We've asked and asked, publishing companies, don't follow their lock-down suit-happy model. It obviously isn't working. Look for another way.

Ninja lessons, anyone? Or some interesting thoughts on online life? I don't feel quite the connection to my facebook friends as I do my meatbody friends, not because I try to add everyone I'd ever met, but that I don't deny anyone who thinks they have a reason to want to be my friend. It makes the numbers a little unmanageable, but I can read through the updates and have the satisfaction of knowing everyone is still alive and updating, if not always healthy. Fingers crossed for Holly.

Also a family photo style I think is neat and may try to copy eventually. Something I will try to make next time we leave my MIL house or kid sitting with our apparently overcomplicated tivo remote. And a new funny with a prank.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Real ninja lessons would be awesome. Probably too active, though. I need Chair Ninja lessons or possibly Couch Ninja lessons.

  2. I know. I break too easy for real ninja lessons. Bad knees, full-on clumsy, and regular sinus headaches. And I sneak like Jingle-Collar, the itchy dog.