Tuesday, July 20, 2010

C'est Moi!

Nope, don't speak that language either, but I took enough classes in high school that I can say that and Bonjour, je m'appelle Clothdragon. Et tu? Oh and Como c'est va? Unless some of that is Spanish, which I took a semester or two of in college and I occasionally mix up because I never learned either language to a functional level. I know window is either fenetre of ventana, but I don't know which is which or where I should be putting the accent marks.

Today I'm thinking about over-scheduling or maybe unhelpfully incomplete scheduling. I have time on my calendar scheduled for writing, but in that short period of time I try to fit in blogging, checking writing blogs, reading books about writing, checking on the few sites about writing that I have a membership to -- or at least the new ones I haven't gotten bored with or forgotten about yet (I've been on SavvyAuthors and AgentQueryConnect lately and have things I like about both sites), and occasionally reading a book in my preferred genre with an eye toward how it is put together. And I think it's been a week since I checked in on the Sleuth class I signed up for on SavvyAuthors -- I'm probably four lessons behind (not very Savvy, am I? They're going to have to revoke my membership because I just don't fit the title!) -- and I only remembered that I'd forgotten because I got a reminder that the How to Write a Romance class is starting soon.

How can I forget something so completely so quickly? I was there for the first class last week! And I loved the instructor's amusing informal style, writing the class like an old fashion PI story, full of colloquialisms and what the agents call 'voice'. She's just fun. --Let me check... Taught by Linnea Sinclair. A name I recognize, but don't think I've actually read. I'll have to look her stuff up later. That would be two instructors whose books I want to buy. Weapons and Violence taught by Rory Miller who has a book on that subject, and this one by Linnea Sinclair. Must remember to think of a class I can teach there if I ever do get a book published. Perhaps my students will like me enough to buy a book too.

Anyway, do you separate out your writing activities? Do you have scheduled time for writing and writing alone, and that means text editor and typing writing rather than all the other stuff like research or brushing up on grammar? Do you schedule blogging separate from writing? Or does it all come more naturally for the rest of you, that you sit down and write one hour every morning without fail and you're never even tempted to stray from your page during that time?

How does it all work for you? (Julie, you can feel free to replace 'writing' with scrapbooking (or jewelry making if that hobby has taken over all time from the other -- and Greg, you know, unless you still have the geo-caching filling up your not-at-work, not-at-home time, I'm not sure what's there). But older with family I know we all have so many things to fill up our days. Do you do better at scheduling your other activities than I do? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Haven't made any jewelry pieces in a while, and I'm behind on lots of scrapbooking projects, but only because I start new projects that I have no business starting (just bought 6 clothing patterns for Nicole, with intentions of making matching American Girl sized pieces out of leftovers). And I started making holiday cards over the weekend. So my "me" room is filled with about four "in-progress" projects. But I try to visit that space 3-4 times a week after the kids are in bed. Just something to keep me entertained. :-) But I rarely "schedule" time for it. I just go to that room, with the intention to create *something*, and that's usually enough to make me happy.

  2. I don't schedule. I'm more of a "seat of pants" kind of writer, for all my activities, really. But then again, I don't have the dreaded offspring to schedule around.

  3. Julie, I need to clean my sewing room and maybe make some space for my computer in there. Maybe if I had the space set aside I'd do a better job than I am now.

    Barbara, I think I did better with that kind of writing before I finished the first story and started thinking of how to get published. Now I have all the blogs and all the books I'm studying to try to get better and so I'll have a month on nonfiction how-to then I'll binge on current published books in my genre. And after all that it feels like I'm never writing anymore. (It also might help if I stuck with one project at a time so I could see measurable progress.) Not having the 'dreaded offspring' does help though. (I think). I wrote more working full time than I do now while I'm supposed to be spending my homemommy time writing. At least it seems like that now.